Lose-lose: New teacher assignments

Lose-lose: New teacher assignments

We all know that new teachers are more apt to get handed the toughest classrooms, a double whammy on student...

Increasing the value of student teaching

Increasing the value of student teaching

Student teaching is intended to serve as the opportunity for aspiring teachers to apply what they have learned from their...

A bright spot for PD—new teacher induction that works

A bright spot for PD—new teacher induction that works

Districts spend on average $18,000 per teacher every year on professional development, with little to show for it. That's why...

Experience is the Best Teacher

We've long been arguing that districts could tap retired teachers to ease the transition of new teachers into the classroom....

Feel the Churn

Feel the Churn

If there's one thing that research has shown us time and again, it's that being a brand new teacher is...

Putting on my teacher hat

Teachers aren't cogs

Sorting for equity?

A study shows that school-level factors play a big role in classroom assignment

A visit to the BBQ Capital of the World

NCTQ recently met with the Kansas City community to discuss the state of teacher prep in Kansas and Missouri. ...

Making "just a teacher" obsolete

Fighting cognitive dissonance on the teaching profession's prestige

Yes, No, or Ask again later: predicting teacher performance

For children of the eighties, the magic eight ball was the go-to source of information about the future. We've got...

Sneak Peek

An early look at results from our Teacher Prep Review

Transparency takes hold in Ohio

We're seeing glimmers across states that more attention is being paid to holding teacher prep programs accountable for the quality...

Maximizing return on 3rd grade reading initiatives

Policymakers latch on to the idea that proficiency in reading by third grade helps ensure later academic success

An online ed degree bubble?

The headline screamed across USA Today: "Online education degrees skyrocket." The article taps into increased interest in the remarkable growth...

Hard to reach for the stars when there's no fuel in the tank

What it will take to unleash the potential of technology in the classroom