Three reasons why every teacher prep program should adopt the edTPA…or not.

Over the last few decades, the field of teacher education has heavily promoted the use and even the mandatory adoption by...

In memory of Barry Kaufman

On behalf of the entire Teacher Preparation Strategies team, I want to express our sadness at the death of Barry...

4 teachers down; 3,499,996 to go

4 teachers down; 3,499,996 to go

Four teachers' use of a self-monitoring checklist that successfully helped them use the Good Behavior Game is reported in a new study.*...

Don't judge these teacher ed journals by their titles!

Do teacher education journals seek to help teacher educators do a better job? It seems like a fairly silly question. Nevertheless, we...

When it comes to teachers understanding fractions, it is a small world after all

As scarce as international studies on teaching generally are, we were glad to see two new studies looking at what it takes...

By our powers combined…

By our powers combined…

Sometimes there just aren't enough great teachers to go around. Placing two, even three student teachers in a single classroom is one way...

Incoherent by design

When we first began analyzing teacher prep programs for the Teacher Prep Review, we were surprised to find some really big differences...

How one district streamlined and bolstered new teacher hiring

Every district HR department looks to find ways to limit the number of time-consuming interviews of new teacher applicants. A few weeks...

Finally! Good old-fashioned investigative journalism on teacher prep

A top-notch, three-part series (here, here and here) running in this week's Education Week sheds new light on one of the most non-transparent...

Why and how we looked behind the Easy A's

For nearly a decade, NCTQ has been trying to figure out how to evaluate teacher prep coursework for its rigor. It's...

A review of Elizabeth Green's "Building A Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone)"

Green -- who did such a fine job as a blogger about NYC education issues -- has written an engaging...

Review of Elizabeth Green's Building A Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone)

Review of Elizabeth Green's Building A Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone)

Along with Tom Loveless, Robert Pondiscio and David Steiner, count me among those who are less than enchanted by...

The Feds get serious on teacher prep

U.S. ED picks up where it pulled the plug two years ago

Can you answer this multiple choice question about the Common Core?

No sharpened No. 2 pencil required

Classroom management brought to your screen!

Great new resource on how to use video to teach classroom management

The IES Practice Guide authors must be smiling!

The federal "Guidelines on School Discipline" cite their classroom management guide

NCTQ Audit Panel grows

Mark Schneider and Russ Whitehurst join the panel

Ready for their close-up (on classroom management)?

What do candidates in two different prep programs learn about the importance of rules in classroom management?

Keeping up with. . . Botswana?

Crunching the numbers on elementary and middle school teacher prep in math...From Botswana to the US--and 15 other countries in-between

Get an 8-month jump on Teacher Appreciation Week!

Give a teacher the gift of the latest issue of the New Republic.

NCTQ wins an Eddie award from the Policy Innovators in Education Network

Teacher Prep Review is "most actionable research"

The Forum: An update on appeals by institutions to change their ratings in the Teacher Prep Review

Correcting our work in evaluating elementary math preparation in the Sooner State

How can I train to become an effective teacher in spite of my program's low rating?

Immediately upon reading about your new report about teacher education schools, I looked at the school I want to attend;...

Student teaching done smartly

Tammie Schrader's post yesterday about her experiences as a science teacher and a "teacher of future science teachers" hit home...

Value and challenges in using student data for teacher prep accountability

Our new brief offers six core design principles for connecting student achievement data to teacher preparation programs.

Sneak peek on our Review: More evidence of fiefdoms in higher ed

Teacher prep programs on the same campus are generally not the same at all

The bigotry of low (teacher) expectations

Teaching did not begin with the Common Core

Politicizing a tragedy...Count us in

Enough of paying attention to the gun lobby's pious put-downs in the face of massacres

edTPA: Slow this train down

A big initiative requires big data

Teachers' mantle of martyrdom still rests on many shoulders

A "back to school" inspired reprise