NCTQ v. University of Missouri

Earlier this month, the Missouri Supreme Court declined to hear NCTQ's appeal of a lower court decision, which blocked our request that...

Hash it out: Contradictory findings on teacher prep and persistence

Hash it out: Contradictory findings on teacher prep and persistence

Districts often ask NCTQ to identify the preparation programs that produce teachers who will stay in the classroom through thick and thin....

Best news we've gotten so far

And it comes from Diane Ravitch, no less

Top five questions that NCTQ's Teacher Prep Review 2014 will answer at midnight

Inquiring minds want to know . . . more about teacher prep.

Teacher Prep Review 2014: Overcoming the Capacity Gap

Last year's Review found a capacity gap - has it been closed yet?

Time to turn the page on teacher evaluation 1.0

Two new studies show there's work to do in getting teacher evaluation right

Not much of a draw

Professions other than teaching are attracting SAT high fliers

Year-end update to the Teacher Prep Review

Correcting our errors

The value-add of value-add

What to make of the IMPACT snafu

Beyond the headlines: The cost of on-the-job training

Mathematica's recent TFA study suggests taking courses while teaching may sap teacher effectiveness

Reviewing the Review (and other types of teacher prep evaluation)

The National Academy of Education asks seven questions of teacher prep evaluators -- but what answers can it provide?

The Gray Lady takes up teacher prep

The hottest topic on the NY Times' opinion pages.

The Forum: An update on appeals by institutions to change their ratings in the Teacher Prep Review

Correcting our work in evaluating elementary math preparation in the Sooner State

Get smart!

Amanda Ripley's excellent book, The Smartest Kids in the World, shows that nations can choose educational excellence -- or mediocrity.

Now teacher prep in California can do more with more

A new law lets teacher preparation programs offer two years of professional coursework

Welcome to the ratings business, Mr. President!

Some words of advice for the administration as it shines a spotlight on higher ed

When it comes to reading, we've all got a lot of work to do

We need to look at more areas of reading instruction; teacher prep needs to do a better job in early...


The Minnesota State College and University system must provide syllabi requested under Minnesota's open records law.

Forum for appeals of scores in Teacher Prep Review now online

This is the first in a series of weekly postings of appeals

Nipping errors in the bud

Today, Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond posted a blog on Valerie Strauss' The Answer Sheet alleging that our teacher prep ratings are...

It all adds up

John Benson, the teacher who blogged for us yesterday, makes a compelling case for why deep understanding of math is...

The little Blue Engine that could

A tutoring start-up holds lessons for ed schools

The nation's back pages are putting teacher prep on the front burner

Recent editorials highlight the importance of strong teacher training

The value-added two-step

It's a matter of (school-level) control

The tricky art of self-portraiture

What does AACTE's new report tell us about the state of teacher preparation?

Who's in charge of teacher prep?

It's complicated.

Rewarding top teachers: A fourth way of getting teacher quality

Another strategy to go along with the others Marc Tucker recently identified

CAEP flies high on selectivity

CAEP joins the chorus in favor of selectivity

Restoring the balance

Disregard for the real demand for teachers doesn't help teacher prep, teachers or students

The year of teacher prep

Our State Teacher Policy Yearbook and Teacher Prep Review will lay out what needs to be done to ready teachers...

Isn't the University of Missouri in the Show Me State?

The University of Missouri continues to stonewall

Raising the bar, raising the profession

The AFT takes up teacher prep reform

Friday teacher prep news round up -- How urgent is teacher prep reform?

The contours of the debate over teacher prep reform are becoming ever more clear. Higher ed organizations point to the...

The big tent of teacher prep reform

We are tremendously grateful to all the organizations that have chosen to endorse our National Review of teacher education. The...

Behind the headlines: Court throws out settlement protecting LA's poorest schools from layoffs

Some context on the recent legal developments in California

The big tent of teacher prep reform

Thanks to our newest endorsers of the National Review of Teacher Preparation Programs

In research we trust?

Willingham's "When Can you Trust the Experts?" shows educators how to sort through the myriad claims made about teaching and...

How did the Great Recession impact the teaching profession's bottom line?

Two recent graphs provide clues on employment trends and pay