Week of May 11, 2015

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District Matters

The Los Angeles Times reports that the LA teachers’ union overwhelmingly ratified a three-year contract that provides raises totaling 10 percent over two years. A major concession from teachers was allowing for one of three ratings (up from the current two) on evaluations: exceeds standards, meets standards or below standard.

Some charter schools are increasingly focusing on retaining teachers, moving away from what critics say is a “churn and burn” strategy. Teacher turnover can negatively impact student learning and school culture.Slate reportsthat as the charter school movement has matured, “(S)chool leaders are realizing that stability and consistency matter, and that good teachers aren’t widgets that can easily be replaced.” 

State Matters

Thesecond draft of new professional standards for school leaders was released by the Council of Chief State School Officers, which is seeking public comment on the seven expectations. Last week critics said they were “sidelined” in the final rewriting, according to Ed Week.

Teacher Prep

James G. Cibulka is out as president of the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Christopher Koch, former Illinois State Superintendent of Education and Vice-Chair of the CAEP Board, will be the interim president of the accrediting agency.

Though it isn’t scientifically valid, a new American Federation of Teachers’ survey found that teachers say their job satisfaction has dropped. More than 30,000 teachers responded to the 80-question online survey, with just 15 percent saying they are enthusiastic about teaching.