Union-district rift begins in DC

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Despite endorsing DC Mayor Adrian Fenty's election bid and his takeover of city schools, it didn't take long for the Washington Teachers Union to start squirming under the heat of the school system shake up. A leaked letter from a top official at the WTU urges the organization's executive board to fight Mayor Fenty and Chancellor Michelle Rhee's latest proposal to fire central office employees.

At this point, the proposed purge would only affect non-union workers who would be reclassified as "at-will" employees, meaning they could be hired and fired at any time. Opponents fear the plan could set a precedent for other employees as negotiations for the teachers' contract are gearing up. The current contract expires this December.

DCPS parent Tracy Zorpette says it best, "The only teachers who are under siege are the poorly performing ones. High-performing teachers have nothing to fear, and in fact, only have something to gain with the changes."