Twitter insights: College majors revealed

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Two weeks ago, we blogged about how ed schools are- or are not- actively recruiting high-achieving students to the teaching profession. In fact, more broadly speaking, most ed schools' admission requirements send the wrong message, failing to convey that teaching requires strong academic performers. We've also said that assignments in teacher prep coursework are often undemanding-- one of the most graphic examples is on page 162 of our Illinois study.

Because assignments that are beneath the level of high-powered students will deter them from continuing to prepare to be teachers, the rigor of teacher prep assignments is now an area we're researching.  While they are not a data source in our research, these Twitter #edmajor tweets nonetheless speak for themselves both in their content and dismissive tone that ed majors use to describe their work. These should give you a taste of what we're finding:

By way of contrast, what do students tweet in #mathmajor, #sciencemajor and #nursingmajor