The Texas Two-Step

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Texas educators still appear to be in a bit of an uproar over a decision to allow anyone with at least a Bachelor s degree and a passing score on the state exam to apply for a temporary teaching certificate. The measure was narrowly approved last week by a 5-4 vote of the State Board of Educator Certification. Since then, however, it has been in a state of limbo. Vociferous opposition from those who fear such a measure would put unqualified teachers in the classroom has apparently delayed the requisite delivery of the proposal to the State Board of Education. Under Texas law, the State Board of Education has 90 days after receiving a measure to vote before it becomes effective. The next scheduled board meeting is February 26, beyond the current 90-day window. It is unclear when or if interim executive director Ron Kettler plans on delivering the rule to the education board. If and when he does will determine if the State Board of Education may hold an emergency meeting to vote on the rule.