Thank you, teachers

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In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, NCTQ staff would like to send a hearty 'thanks for all you do' to some teachers we know.  Although we've put the spotlight on just a few, these teachers are representative of so many others who fight the good fight each day. 

  • Shira Fishman, a past District of Columbia Teacher of the Year and Milken award winner, who is determined to help students overcome their fear of math and get struggling students on track with their peers.
  • Senator Pam Wolf, who brings a teacher's voice and perspective to the Minnesota State Senate.  
  • Mehran Divanbaigyzand, a high school math teacher in Washington, DC who, in addition to inspiring many students to stretch themselves mathematically, taught many of those same students to play (and love) chess.
  • Nichol Castro, Sharla Kohnert, Susana Gonzales, Evan Moore and Adriana Hernandez; 7th grade teachers in Glendale, Arizona, who exemplify the power of teamwork and regularly dedicate extra time to the wider school community through advising student council and coaching.