Teachers from the front line

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On a day when we recognize and applaud the service of American veterans, we?d also like to applaud this compelling new Teach For America program.

TFA has a new kind of ?veteran teacher,? one with experience gleaned not from years of standing in front of the classroom, but, rather, from spending time on the front itself.   A recent recruitment initiative designed to bring top military veterans to high-needs schools is under way, and it looks to be a great match-up: veterans who are eager to continue serving their country will bring their real-world experience and strong leadership as well as a passion for ?getting the job done? to the some of the nation?s neediest students.   Reminiscent of the Department of Defense ?Troops to Teachers? program started in 1994, veterans who enter the teaching field can bring much-needed skills to the classroom, especially in critical-needs areas such as special education and STEM fields.
Not only do we respect the service these veterans have given to their country, but we also have great respect for their service to our nation?s future.