Teacher prep news round up

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If you haven't already guessed, we're a little obsessed with developments in teacher preparation. And it's not just because we're hard at work on the National Review -- it really does seem like teacher prep reform has moved up the action agenda in states, accreditation bodies and academia.

Since we're already tracking stories in this area -- and we haven't yet noticed anyone else sending out clips on the subject -- we thought we'd post the most interesting of the week's stories on teacher preparation. Look for them each Friday.

Hope you enjoy them, and let us know if we've missed any.

Mike Goldstein's final post on Eduwonk describes how student teaching can be used to help student learning and build teacher candidate skill.

NY and up to 25 other states are moving toward changing the way they grant licenses to teachers, de-emphasizing bubble tests and essays in favor of the Teacher Performance Assessment.

Iowa's Governor Branstad wants to make teacher preparation more like medical training.

Aaron Churchill looks at the GRE scores of people planning to go to grad school in education and doesn't like what he sees.

National teacher organization joins the list of those endorsing our review of teacher prep.