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Teacher Trendline: 2013 Recap

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December 2013

Recap of the Year's Trendlines

Welcome to NCTQ's newly re-named Teacher Trendline newsletter (subscribe here). A special shout-out goes to the anonymous survey respondent who proposed the new name.

This month we look back at the topics we've covered this year. By far, teacher salaries are the most popular topic we covered in 2013. Here's a taste of the high and low salary data from February.

We sliced salary data a little differently in June when we looked at urban versus suburban salaries. Would the "urban myth" of high salaries in the suburbs bear out? At the beginning of a teacher's career, not so much, but by the end of one's career (on average, in our sample), the financial advantage shifts to the 'burbs.

Read the full issues of these two Teacher Trendlines along with the others we've published this year. Links to each issue are below.

January -- Who is evaluating teachers?

February -- Teacher salaries

March -- Excessing and placement

April -- Health insurance premiums

May -- Substitute teachers

June -- Teacher salaries, urban vs. suburban

July -- Timing of teacher contracts

August -- Student and teacher school years

October -- Philadelphia's contract negotiations

November -- The role of teacher performance in evaluations, pay and layoffs

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