Teacher Poll Indicates Strong Support of Pay Reform

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Good for The Teaching Commission for telling us what the nation's teachers unions won't: how public school teachers really feel about making significant changes to teacher pay. A poll released today reveals strong support for teacher compensation reform from not only the general public but, most importantly, from teachers themselves.

Here are some highlights:

-While a strong majority of the general public (70 percent) favors raising teacher salaries across the board, there's even more support (80 percent) for combining such increases with rewards for raising student achievement, higher standards for the profession and more accountability.

-There's overwhelming support (nearly 80 percent) from both the general public and teachers for offering higher salaries to teachers willing to work in high-poverty schools; teachers are less sure than the general public (71 versus 52 percent) that teachers in high-shortage subject areas ought to get higher salaries but, let it be duly noted, there's still a majority.

For the full results, see the poll here.