Steiner and Bloggers Greet the Heat

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Sparked by a report in the new blog, Eduwonk, other blogs were all abuzz in the last couple of weeks rising to the defense of Dr. David Steiner's recent study raising questions about the academic rigor and balance in the content of coursework required in the nation's premiere schools of education. Some of the faculty at these ed schools have been publicly complaining - though not in print - that Steiner did not include their own courses, the implication being that Steiner's findings were flawed. However, the accusations do not consider that Steiner's research was limited to required courses for teacher certification; electives were left off the table, a point that Steiner makes pretty clear in his narrative. Steiner's provocative and important study is written up in a new book co-edited by NCTQ with the Progressive Policy Institute and American Enterprise Institute (Harvard Press, 2004), entitled A Qualified Teacher in Every Classroom? Appraising Old Answers and New Ideas.