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Released this week, our 2012 State Teacher Policy Yearbook included an early look at findings from our forthcoming Teacher Prep Review, showing that just 556 of the 1,730 undergraduate teacher preparation programs reviewed are sufficiently selective in their admissions policies. All others fail to ensure that candidates come from the top half of the college-going population. 

We've broken out these findings at the state level (below and on pg. 10 of the National Yearbook). Worth noting is that there are 30 states in which 75 percent or more of programs fail to set a high enough bar for program admissions. Given how important it is to have the best and the brightest teaching the next generation of learners, it's imperative that programs consider raising the bar for entry.

1. California does not offer certification at the undergraduate level.
2. Wyoming only has one institution with programs approved for
initial certification of teachers.