New Data on the Teacher Prep Pipeline

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It's a chilly morning here in DC, but Steve Sawchuck of Ed Week has unearthed a treasure trove of teacher production data in his Teacher Beat blog that's sure to heat things up.  Sawchuk has sorted through the first round of state data produced from US ED's new Title II reporting requirements (courtesy of the 2008 Higher Education Act).

One of many big takeaways: for all of the focus of the ed reform policy world on alternative certification programs, they are responsible for only a tiny fraction of teachers that are produced. Only 5 percent of the 724,000 new teachers being trained emerged from a non-university based alternative certification program in 2008-2009.  If you count in university based alt cert, that figure only rises to 11 percent.  Bottom line is that 89 percent of new teachers are still trained in traditional, university-based programs—the very programs we are rating in our National Review.

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Marisa Goldstein