NCTQ's Sweet 16

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The 2013 NCAA basketball Sweet 16 is upon us.  While we can't report that anyone in our office pool is actually doing all that well, we can report on our own Sweet 16, where there are definitely no upsets. We are thrilled to be able to announce some important new endorsements of our Teacher Prep Review.

Three State School Chiefs have endorsed, bringing our number up to 23:

IL:  Christopher Koch

NC:  June Atkinson

PA:  Ron Tomalis

And 12 new District Superintendents have endorsed.  We're just 3 shy away from 100:

CA:  Dr. Dale Marsden, San Bernardino City Unified School District

IN:  Dr. Jerry Thacker, Penn- Harris-Madison School District

La:  Dr. Patrick Cooper, Lafayette Parish School District

NM:  James Lesher, Dulce Independent School District

UT:  Dr. Max Rose, Washington County School District

 Dr. Jeff Stephens, Weber District Schools

 Dr. McKell Withers, Salt Lake District Schools

VA: Dr. Chuck Bishop, Augusta County School District

Dr. Jack Dale, Fairfax County School District

Dr. Patrick Russo, Henrico County School Districts

WA:  Carla Santorno, Tacoma Public Schools

WY:  Dr. Joel Dvorak, Natrona County School District

The latest national organization to endorse:

The Grimes Reading Institute

If you or someone you know is an education leader and may be interested in endorsing, please contact Maegan Rees at