Ms. Weingarten goes to Washington?

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As widely expected, AFT president Edward J. McElroy confirmed that he is leaving his position as head of the nation's second largest teachers union this summer, fueling speculation that UFT president Randi Weingarten will succeed him. In fact AFT higher ups readily admit that the only thing separating Weingarten from the promotion is her coronation at the AFT July convention.

There is of course a long tradition of New York's union leadership ascending to the national throne. Perhaps Weingarten could return the AFT to the respected stature it held under the leadership of her fellow New Yorkers Al Shanker and Sandra Feldman.

Speaking of New Yorkers, rumors that Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg have offered to help Weingarten pack cannot be confirmed. While playing coy about the national position, Weingarten sure thinks she'll be a hard act to follow in the Big Apple. She (channeling Donald Trump?) observes: "Anybody who thinks that they can just walk into New York City and become the next Randi Weingarten is smoking something."