Math games with early reading

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The Teacher Prep Review’s Early Reading Standard  shines a light on whether programs prepare their teachers in the five components of effective reading instruction. There are a lot of numbers in the early reading standard’s findings so let’s play a little math game.

Question: What percent of the 959 elementary and Special Education programs teach the 5 components of early reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary)?

Answer:  Just 17%.

How many textbooks were reviewed to evaluate the “anything goes” approach to early reading across courses in teacher prep programs?

Answer: 962

What percent of the 962 text books used across the 2,671 courses are inadequate or irrelevant for early reading instruction?

Answer: The majority (67 percent) of these 962 textbooks.  

Which of the 50 states comes out on top with every one of their 11 programs earning a “meets” or “nearly meets” rating in early reading standard?

Answer: The 18th state, Louisiana

How many years since the National Reading Panel report?

Answer: 14

How many years until all Teacher Prep Programs in the U.S. teach their candidates about the science of effective early reading instruction?

Answer: Unknown…

To learn more about how programs are scored on this standard, including how individual indicators are satisfied, please see scoring methodology.