Look up salaries in LA, layoff procedures in DC, class size ceilings in NYC, and more!

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Yesterday we told you about new features we've added to TR3, our online database that let's you compare over 250 policies governing teachers in more than 100 school districts and all 50 states.  TR3 is a treasure trove of data such as teacher salaries, class size ceilings and sick leave allotments, as well as rules on which teachers are laid off first, if peers have a say in teacher evaluations and whether teachers can get bonuses for student achievement.

But that's barely scratching the surface.
TR3 policy topics include:
  • Leave 
  • Dismissal 
  • Layoffs 
  • Evaluation & tenure 
  • Salary & benefits 
  • Calendar 
  • Class size 
  • Union rights and privileges 
  • Transfer and assignment 
  • Professional development 
  • General employment provisions 
  • Grievances 

Using TR3's custom report site, you can generate the data set that exactly fits your needs.  Or go exploring.  

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