Let’s Make a Deal - North Carolina teachers edition

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Welcome to today’s edition of Let’s Make a Deal!  Our contestants are the teachers of North Carolina. When we last checked in on these teachers, tenure had been eliminated in "exchange" for some pretty small bonuses that districts were less than enthusiastic about having to figure out how to distribute. 

Let’s see what’s behind Door #1:

Governor McCrory’s recently proposed budget includes a base pay increase for the newest teachers, an average 2% across-the board raise for all teachers, and a pilot pay scale that rewards for performance. The new plan also allows districts to opt out of last year’s controversial tenure law.

What’s behind Door #2?

The Senate made a splashy proposal recently:  relinquish tenure protections and we’ll give you an immediate raise of up to 11%. The Senate-proposed budget also repeals the tenure elimination law, a pretty clear admission that it needed some, shall we say, fine tuning.

And Door #3?

The status quo, which includes no pay raise (again) and a tenure law that no one seems happy with (and two judges have declared unconstitutional).

So teachers, which door will it be? Is there a true reward or are they all Zonks? Stay tuned!