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For the first time, NCTQ's State Teacher Policy Yearbook looks at layoff policies across states to see whether factors other than teacher seniority (e.g. a teacher's classroom performance) have to be considered when cutting positions.

By the numbers:

  • 11 states require districts to consider a teacher's performance in layoff decisions.
  • 17 states prevent districts from overemphasizing seniority in layoff decisions. 
  • 11 states require that seniority be considered, and 5 of those states dictate that seniority is the only factor districts may consider when deciding who to lay off. 

 contract, which is effectively state policy since there's only one district in the state, goes so far as to require the flip of a coin to break seniority ties rather than look at a teacher's performance. What cents does that make?

Sarah Brody