In Some Places, Teachers' Unions Really Are Terrorists

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Teachers' unions in the United States have not always behaved well over the years but even the most extreme examples pale in comparison to what recently occurred in Bolivia. According to an article in the Bolivian daily, La Razón, the vice-minister of Education, Celestino Choque, was nabbed by protesting members of the teachers' union in La Paz and brought to a nearby building that is owned by the teachers. He was then forced to wear a hat with fake donkey ears on it and hang a sign around his chest that said "Liar" in bold letters. Meanwhile 270 teachers demanded more money and ridiculed him and his ministerial buddies for their large salaries. Mr. Choque was freed hours later but only after he signed a document promising he would submit a new salary proposal. It was the second time in four weeks that Mr. Choque had been kidnapped. Only weeks before, Mr. Choque was held by another group of teachers in the province of Chuquisaca. Now that's hardball.