In California, a Silver Lining

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In the last few weeks, TQB has reported on budget crunches in many states but especially in California, where the state s $30 billion-plus deficit is causing particularly drastic measures. One of the most striking moves taken by districts within the state has been the issuance of over 20,300 pink slips, which serve as notice that a teacher may not be teaching next year. Now National University California s second largest private, non-profit university with 17,250 students is taking advantage of the massive talent-shedding by offering a 50% scholarship to any laid off public school teacher. The scholarship, which could exceed $6,000 in value, is available for use in any one of NU s 29 academic centers in California, for either further education training or for switching into another field.

Why is NU doing this? In their press release, the university s administration said that it is concerned that lay-off notices may discourage prospective teachers from enrolling in teacher education programs at a time when California faces specific teacher shortages. The lay-offs might also unfairly punish new teachers who have already committed several years and thousands of dollars to serve the educational needs of their communities.

You can learn more about this program by calling (858) 642-8111 or visiting