How strong are teacher unions?

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A new Fordham paper ranks all the states on the strength of their teacher unions.  The ranking is based on five areas: union membership numbers and revenue; union involvement in politics; state rules governing collective bargaining; state education policies; and union influence, as determined by a survey of stakeholders.  

Coming out on top with the strongest unions are western and northeastern states like Hawaii, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.  At the bottom of the list are several southern states, including Arkansas, South Carolina, and Florida.  Arizona is dead last.

For more information on teacher unions and their relationships with school districts and states, take a look at our Tr3 database  Contract enthusiasts can read entire collective bargaining agreements from over 100 school districts, or let our database do the work for you and compare specific policies across districts by building a custom report.  Such topics as  teachers' working conditions and contract elements such as evaluation and salary can be compared in districts across the country to see how union power, great or small, pans out.

--Ginger Moored