Highly Quantified

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For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the 2005-2006 deadline for states to hire all highly qualified teachers, a new report from the Council of Chief State School Officers may be just the read you've been looking for. The report, which uses data from the School and Staffing Survey reveals little improvement in the rate of highly qualified teachers during the 1990's (using certification and major in field as the measures of highly qualified) and notes that, "only about two-thirds of secondary teachers in science and math would meet the current NCLB criteria." We must warn you, though, that some of the contents may give you yet another reason to doubt the veracity of what states reported last month as their number of highly qualified teachers. For example, the 2000 data indicate only 65 percent of secondary math teachers in Utah had a major or minor in math and regular certification despite more recent claims from the Beehive State that 95.9 percent of its teachers are now "highly qualified."