Helping States Improve Teacher Preparation

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It's here! Released today, the 2012 State Teacher Policy Yearbook, "Improving Teacher Preparation," saw 14 states improve their grades from last year on the state laws, rules and regulations shaping pre-service training of teachers.

In 2011, states averaged a cheerless "D" on their teacher preparation policies, but we've seen some progress since, with the average state grade nudging up to a "D+" in 2012.  It's heartening to see some states taking steps to ensure that new teachers receive the preparation they need to be successful in the classroom from day one, rather than leaving the burden on school districts to "catch teachers up."

While a D+ means there is much work to be done, we are pleased to report that four states are standing at the top of the pack with a "B-": Alabama, Florida, Indiana and Tennessee. Alabama was also one of the states with the most progress made this year. 

The 2012 Yearbook provides a framework for how states can shape teacher prep policy that results in classroom-ready educators, including ensuring that teachers have the content knowledge they need to teach to the Common Core State Standards, know how to teach reading, and have valuable student teaching experiences. Each state's report prioritizes the policies in need of critical attention and provides specific recommendations for how states can move forward.

Download your state's 2012 report here, or see the National edition of the Yearbook, here.