Having their cake and eating it too

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In yesterday's Athens-Banner Herald (Georgia), editor Jim Thompson calls on the University of Georgia and other higher education institutions in the state to participate in the NCTQ/U.S. News & World Report national review of education schools. Thompson, who got wind of the controversy surrounding the review through NPR's story last week says that "If the University System has confidence in its teacher training programs, it should be easy to rebut the NCTQ/U.S. News report after it's published." The UG system has stated it will not participate due to concerns about methodology, which is perplexing given UGA's history with NCTQ reviews. In 2008, NCTQ's report on mathematics preparation of elementary teachers cited the university's program as the single "exemplary" program among the 77 programs examined. UGA didn't question the methodology used to develop ratings then, yet today, as NCTQ is looking to use similar standards to evaluate UG's teacher preparation programs, UG has problems with the methodology. Seems a bit hypocritical. Here's the full editorial.