Gangs of New York

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Like a lame politician, Randi [Weingarten, president of New York City s United Federation of Teachers] has flip-flopped and&one has to wonder what her motivations are&Her actions are getting more and more bizarre and irrational&[as] she performs a circus act with bobble-head dolls and personal attacks Mayor Bloomberg s Press Secretary, Edward Skyler, on Ms. Weingarten s abandonment of the mayor s Children First program.

Welcome to the bare-knuckles world of New York City educational politics. Last week Randi Weingarten sued the city, alleging that the city s belt-tightening plan to fire 1,800 teachers aides most of whom are black or Hispanic, and half of whom are UFT members was racist and illegal. This week, the administration fought back with a stinging verbal attack, accusing the union head of not being interested in a serious discussion about the education of our children.