From Fiscal Cliffs to Evaluation Gorges

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Taking a cue from leaders in Congress, nine of the 700 or so districts in New York State, including New York City, are taking it down to the wire in their negotiations for new teacher evaluation systems.  

By January 17th, all districts in the state must have approved Annual Professional Performance Review systems that meet the requirements of New York's Race to the Top grant, including the use of student growth measures. If districts miss the deadline, they miss out on the 4% increase in educational aid for the year -- for New York City that's approximately $250 million in additional funding. The Governor is adamant that the deadline is real, not a wishy-washy, good-faith effort type of deadline.  

The NY City Department of Education and the teachers union have set aside time today and throughout the rest of the week to hammer out a deal just in time.  

Now where have I heard that before?