Friday Teacher Prep Round-Up

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A finely grained piece by WSJ's Stephanie Banchero on AUSL's teacher training/school turnaround program tops the week's news on teacher preparation:

The article not only provides an intimate portrait of how AUSL trains its teachers, but it also touches on federal policy, Chicago politics and the Chicago Teachers Union position on AUSL's model.

Michigan State Superintendent Michael Flanagan is making good on earlier commitments to hold teacher preparation programs accountable: state is forcing low-ranked institutions to shutter some certification programs. Western Michigan teacher prep program, now labeled "at risk," is not waiting for the shoe to drop and is announcing changes now. (Sawchuk's also on the case and wants to hear about similar stories in other states.).

Major ed organization in Oregon making grants to address lack of diversity in teaching force and to strengthen student teaching.

Outgoing Norwalk superintendent Susan Marks lends her support to our review of teacher preparation programs.

Columnist wonders why Minnesota teacher prep programs getting Bush Foundation funding aren't partnering with high-performing, high-poverty schools to train teachers (we're looking into whether programs across the country are placing their teacher candidates in similar schools for the national review.).

--Arthur McKee