Edujobs: Our skepticism continues

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We didn't much see the point in the $10 billion Edujobs program when it was passed and still aren't seeing much evidence that the $10 billion rescued legions of teachers from being fired. Three months after the legislation was passed, few states have yet to even decide how to use the windfall, clearly a sign that they weren't intending to lay off teachers.

We found a few examples of Edujobs spending, none of which are in sync with the bill's intent:

  • Colorado is playing the shell game to balance its budget, cutting current state school funding by $153 million, and then replacing that same funding with Edujobs dollars.
  • DeKalb County Schools, in Georgia, is divvying up most of its share ($14.6 million) of the funding amongst its full time employees, handing out either lump-sum checks or retirement fund contributions.
  • Baltimore intends to give every teacher a $1,500 bonus, once the new teacher's contract passes.

Some states are reportedly holding on to the money, still claiming the sky is falling, but just not until next year.