Can you answer this multiple choice question about the Common Core?

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You'll find two standardized test questions below.  One question is from the PARCC, a soon-to-be-unveiled assessment that will replace current student tests in 17 states and D.C.  The other question is from the "Academic Literacy Skills Test"  or ALST, a new licensing test for New York teachers.
Question #1:  
What's your reaction to the two questions below? (Don't worry if you don't know the texts to which the questions refer!)  

A. In paragraph 8  of "Abigail Smith Adams," Abigail Adams is called an "advocate for females." What is the meaning of advocate for females as used in this paragraph?
a)   promoter of women's rights
b)   counselor for women who lack rights
c)   revolutionary demanding women's control of government
d)   campaigner for women running for political office

B.  In Paragraph 1, the repetition of the phrase "well-rounded, prosperous" emphasizes
a) the sophistication of Stein's family
b) the predictability of the life Stein rejected
c)  the flowering of Stein's creative powers
d). the contempt for convention Stein embodied

Possible answer choices for Question #1:
a)  Both questions look pretty challenging!  
b)  Question A looks like a question taken from a practice 11th grade PARCC test.

c)  Question B looks like a question taken from a practice ALST.   

d) Especially for secondary teacher candidates who have not themselves been students in a "Common Core classroom," taking the ALST -- and gaining insight into the type of test for which they will need to prepare their own students -- will be invaluable.

e) New York should be congratulated on its foresight in implementing the ALST.

Answer to Question #1:  
All of the above answer choices are correct!