Another KIPP wants out of the UFT

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Blogs including Gotham Schools and Eduwonk have reported that teachers at another of New York City's KIPP schools have had a change of heart. Last year teachers at the 5-year-old charter middle school began courting the union. Before finalizing the deal, however, they've broken off the engagement. KIPP teachers have filed a petition with the state labor relations board to abandon union representation. The UFT is not letting go easily and plan to fight the decision (citing alleged intimidation by KIPP administrators).

Last year, two other New York KIPP charters severed ties with the union, basically accusing the UFT of being overbearing. A representative of the petitioning group of KIPP AMP teachers stated that the goals and mission of the school can be best served with a direct relationship with the school's administration, not one with the UFT as the intermediary.