All I Want for Christmas is Bridgehampton's Budget

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When those seeking to reduce class sizes sit on Santa's lap, what do they ask for? How about a public school district in which 54 percent of students are African American and 31 percent qualify for free and reduced-price lunches that employs 1 teacher to every 3.7 students and spends a total of $45,090 per student, $25,593 of which is spent just on instruction costs for non-disabled students? Such a request may be not be beyond the realm of possibility for old Mr. Claus as long as he can figure out a way to fit the Bridgehampton, New York school district down the chimney. Bridgehampton consists of one K-12 school, 153 students and, apparently, a whole lot of cash. Surely, such remarkable per student spending would result in through-the-roof test scores, right? According to Marcus A. Winters, a research associate at the Manhattan's Institute's Education Research Office, maybe not. Bridgehampton students scored below the state average on both the elementary and middle-school English and math Regents Examinations in the 2001-2002 school year.