NCTQ Announces New 35-Member Advisory Board

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We are pleased to announce a new advisory board for our organization, comprising 35 leading thinkers, educators and reformers devoted to the improvement of teacher quality in all American schools.

This new board reflects our intent to firmly establish NCTQ as a nonpartisan voice for urgently needed reforms of the nation's teacher policies. All of these individuals share our core commitment to educational justice, believing that we as a nation must do more to attract, develop, and retain good teachers.

Among the new board members are award-winning teachers and principals, school superintendents representing both large urban and small rural districts, founders of the nation's alternative routes into teaching such as Teach For America and The New Teacher Project, founders of charter schools including the KIPP Academies, two former governors, the head of a state school board, a state school chief, prominent authors on educational issues, and a number of politicians, and foundation and business leaders who have taken an active role in education reform. Short bios of each of our new board members can be found on our website at

The new advisory board follows closely upon our newly constituted Board of Directors, led by Chair Andrew Rotherham of the Progressive Policy Institute and Vice-Chair Gaynor McCown of The Teaching Commission. The Board also includes Chester E. Finn of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation, Ira Fishman of Patton Boggs LLP, Gary Huggins of the Education Leaders Action Council and consultant Danielle Wilcox.

Unhindered by partisan affiliation and motivated by a sincere desire to improve the quality of our teachers, the NCTQ Advisory Board will serve as an open network for experts in the field to share research, generate ideas, and motivate one another to find solutions.

Our gratitude to each of these very busy people who still are willing to serve because they recognize the compelling urgency of this issue:

Steven J. Adamowski
Governor Roy E. Barnes, Partner
Mr. Alan D. Bersin, Superintendent
Mr. Lawrence S. Braden, Teacher
Ms. Cheryl Ellis, School Director
Mr. Michael Feinberg, Founder
Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson, Professor
Mr. Michael Goldstein, CEO and Founder
Dr. Eric A. Hanushek, Senior Fellow
Dr. Frederick M. Hess, Scholar
Dr. Paul T. Hill, Director
Dr. E.D. Hirsch, Author and Founder
Ms. Jan Hungate, Superintendent and Principal
Mr. Jason Kamras, Teacher
Governor Frank Keating, President and CEO
Ms. Lisa Graham Keegan, CEO
Mr. W. Michael Kelley, Teacher and Author
Dr. Paul Kimmelman, Senior Advisor to the CEO
Mr. Martin J. Koldyke, Founder and Chairman
Ms. Wendy Kopp, President and Founder
Ms. Hailly Korman, Teacher
Dr. Deborah McGriff, Executive Vice President
Dr. William Moloney, Commissioner
The Hon. Eva Moskowitz, Council Member
Dr. Robert H. Pasternack,Vice President
Mr. James A. Peyser, Chair
Dr. Michael Podgursky, Chair
Ms. Michelle Rhee, CEO and President
Ms. Felicity Messner Ross, Teacher
Ms. Stefanie Sanford, Senior Policy Officer
Ms. Kim Smith, Co-Founder and CEO
Dr. Lewis C. Solmon, Executive Vice President
Mr. Thomas Toch, Author
Mr. Joseph Wilson, Principal