What Do the NEA and PollyAnna Have in Common?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Elected 44th President of the United States!

NEA sees election loss as golden opportunity to reshape the Republican Party!

Which of these is true? A January 2005 editorial in NEA Today gives new meaning to a silver lining in every cloud by outlining a strategy of persuading Republicans of the NEA's view of the world, while also acknowledging that the two groups don't have a single education goal in common. The editorial's reference to the "so-called" No Child Left Behind Act may be just one small but telling example of why the nation's largest teachers' union is unlikely to work their way into the good graces of the GOP. Chutzpa abounds, calling for "no further erosion of the federal government's overall revenue-raising capacity" and in the next paragraph calling for sizeable tax cuts for teachers.

As Mike Antonucci, of the Education Intelligence Agency, points out “…NEA will continue to be marginalized in the Republican Party for a reason so obvious it seems ridiculous to even write down: The union is wedded to the Democratic Party.???