Horne Pushes for NCATE Accreditation in Arizona

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While a growing number of smart-thinking states like Louisiana (TQB September 3, 2004) and Ohio (TQB January 16, 2004) are judging the quality of teacher training programs by following their graduates' effectiveness once in the classroom, Arizona is choosing safer ground. There State Superintendent Tom Horne has decided that the national accrediting organization NCATE ought to ride herd on teacher prep programs, heretofore the purview of a state-run body. Horne's dissing of the state system reportedly has upset some teacher educators who insist that greater accountability is possible without NCATE's involvement. Truth be told, they're probably dreading the prospect of completing the mountains of paperwork for which NCATE is notoriously known. Even Horne isn't insisting that NCATE accreditation be mandatory, acknowledging the time and money involved. Arizona's decision leaves only two states, New Hampshire and Vermont, without a formal relationship with NCATE.