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Program Director, Great from the Gate

The National Council on Teacher Quality and Education First are launching a new national initiative, Great from the Gate, aimed at transforming the quality of the student teaching experience, which will result in stronger talent management for school systems. Our student teaching redesign work will begin in multiple pilot sites around the country; in the Bay Area, we are focusing our attention on the promise of student teaching for charter networks.

Features of the project include:

  • Development of partnerships between charter networks and teacher preparation programs for the purposes of growing the number of student teachers in those school systems and improving the quality of training available to them.
  • Use of proprietary tools to assess prospective student teachers' knowledge and provide skill-based training.
  • Training for the cooperating teachers responsible for mentoring student teachers.
  • Implementation of a priority hiring process for high-performing student teachers.
For the Bay Area pilot site, we seek a Program Director with keen entrepreneurial instincts, a capacity for relationship building, and investment in teacher quality to lead the creation of a strong teaching pipeline for charter networks in the Bay Area in 2017-18, in partnership with institutions of higher education. The successful implementation of this pipeline initiative will yield more and better-prepared novice teachers to the participating charter networks while establishing durable relationships with institutes of higher education both inside and outside the state of California. As the leader of this initiative, the Program Director will be responsible for ensuring a successful pilot: managing multiple stakeholders, including charter network leaders, novice teachers, school leaders, and, most critically, college and university personnel; meeting all associated timelines; and, growing the program into a sustainable year-to-year project.

The Program Director will be based in the Bay Area and supervised by NCTQ staff in Washington, DC. He or she will make site visits and attend events that include the project partners; otherwise, the Program Director will work from home.


Specific job duties include:

  • Coordinate with two national partners on this initiative, the National Council on Teacher Quality and Education First, and serve as primary contact for the charter schools and all partnering teacher preparation programs.
  • Support and lead work to build partnerships with area teacher preparation programs and to recruit additional charter networks. 
  • Lead the design, sequencing, and implementation of the program, which includes student teacher recruitment and screening, cooperating teacher identification, training and rewards, and student teacher curriculum administration, evaluation, and hiring.
  • Facilitate meetings among charter school participants to share learnings and build consensus around key program elements.
  • Lead operations on the ground involving all program logistics, with the support of the Operations Coordinator. 
  • Ensure that student teachers participate in a pilot of NCTQ student teaching tools, including a knowledge inventory and Great from the Gate training materials. 
  • Collaborate with charters to develop a streamlined, program-wide hiring process for student teachers based on evaluations, and then work with schools to facilitate employment as appropriate.


Attributes of the ideal candidate:

  • Coalition builder: He/She can unite diverse stakeholders around a collective goal. With a knack for relationship building and strong organizational skills, this person builds community across organization stakeholders and senses opportunities to invite new members to the team. 
  • Communicator: He/She knows how to tell a story about our work for different audiences, pivoting from high-level strategic takeaways to the nitty-gritty details with ease. In addition, this person is comfortable in difficult conversations and knows how to tackle tough topics with sensitivity and flexibility. 
  • Leader with an entrepreneurial spirit: He/She maintains the highest standards in setting goals and being relentless in their pursuit, but is nimble and recognizes when a change in course is necessary. This person has strong executive-level project management skills and is comfortable taking the reins and leading a new initiative. A strong sense of independence will ensure this person is comfortable working away from the DC-based staff. 
  • Systems design and process implementation skills: He/She is strong at creating systems and processes for the work across different work streams to ensure sustainability and quality implementation. Along with strong organizational skills, this person can anticipate pitfalls when coordinating between different groups and build the proper structures to mitigate potential confusion.
  • Customer service superstar: He/She believes in the mission of high-quality K12 schools, and understands that this project has the potential to support their hard work to improve outcomes for children across the Bay Area. With that in mind, this person will have demonstrable experience delivering on promises to clients (or other stakeholders) and is responsive to feedback. 
  • Constant learner: He/She is hungry to understand what research says teachers should know and learn. This person is genuinely curious about teacher preparation and talent pipelines, understands how to ask good questions to better understand client needs, and can offer evidence-based solutions. 
  • Teacher quality sage: He/She is passionate about teacher quality and familiar with the challenges of training new teachers. This person has knowledge of the qualities and skills that make someone a successful teacher and may have previous experience teaching or working with students.

To Apply

In lieu of a resume or cover letter, show us how you have prepared for an important meeting you've led involving multiple stakeholders. Artifacts could include an agenda, a short paragraph to provide context for the meeting, and any pre-work or pre-reading distributed to meeting participants. Submissions can be emailed to: by September 24th, 2017.