Helping to ensure that every child has an effective teacher and that every teacher has the opportunity to be effective.

Letter from Kate Walsh

Our Approach

NCTQ researches, evaluates, and provides information and guidance. We propose new changes to restore the teaching profession to strong health so we can provide every child with the education needed to ensure a bright and successful future and to offer all teachers—from aspiring to veteran—the conditions needed to thrive and succeed.

Our body of work includes the Teacher Prep Review with evaluations and rankings of 2,400+ programs preparing new teachers; our State Teacher Policy Database grading states on their efforts to modernize teacher policies; our Great Districts for Great Teachers' certification indicating which districts do the most for their best teachers; and our Teacher Contract Database, an incredible treasure-trove of information to compare states' and large districts' teacher policies.

Our Databases

In addition, we release newsletters, reports, articles, and other information to help policymakers, educators, and researchers understand vital teacher quality issues. We also regularly release opinion pieces, analysis of new research, and spotlights on tough issues in need of workable solutions.

We also recognize that the path forward is often quite complicated and that no one has all the answers. That's why we place high value on fairness and open debate. We have an unwavering rule that the subjects of our analysis—be they state education agencies, teacher preparation programs or school districts—have the opportunity to review the accuracy of what we say about them and provide their own perspective.

Many NCTQ staff members are former teachers who worked in traditional public, charter, private, and alternative schools. They have graduated from traditional and non-traditional certification programs. In addition, we frequently partner with current and former teachers and teacher groups to inform our work.

Founded in 2000, NCTQ is funded by foundations and private donors. We accept no government funding.

The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit research and policy organization that is committed to modernizing the teaching profession. We conduct research to assist states, districts, and teacher prep programs with teacher quality issues. We don't just call attention to what's wrong, but offer concrete solutions to help solve teacher quality challenges.