NCTQ Standards for Teacher Prep

The Teacher Prep Review addresses critical areas of teacher preparation through 19 standards that are specific, measurable and designed to identify the programs most likely to produce graduates whose students have the best outcomes. The standards for second edition of the Teacher Prep Review are based on research; internal and external expert panels; the best practices of other nations and the states with the highest performing students; and, most importantly, what superintendents and principals around the country tell us they look for in the new teachers they hire. The standards have been refined by 10 national and state studies and by consultation with experts on NCTQ's Technical Panel, comprising international and domestic experts on teacher education, faculty and deans from schools of education, statistics experts and PK-12 leaders. They have also been honed to ensure alignment with rigorous state learning standards. Each takes us about two years to develop. As noted, to the extent that high-quality research can inform how teachers should be prepared, NCTQ uses that research to formulate standards.The research basis for each of our standards is contained in the collection of research rationales found below. Because research in education that connects preparation practices to teacher effectiveness is both limited and spotty, each rationale also provides other supporting evidence for our standards.


Standards and indicators
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Each standard also has a "book" that contains the proverbial kitchen sink: indicators, a general statement of the standard's rationale, a detailed standard scoring methodology, a statement about research and other support for the standard, and a research inventory that categorizes studies that generally bear on the aspect of preparation addressed in the standard.