Findings from the Teacher Prep Review

We've examined 2,420 teacher preparation programs -- undergraduate and graduate; elementary, secondary and special education -- at 1,130 institutions of higher education in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. The result is a comprehensive and fine-grained portrait of how our teachers are trained, useful for consumers, programs and policy makers alike.

  • Find top programs on our honor roll.
  • Get detailed information on how well programs are doing in particular states and what state policy makers can do to strengthen teacher training.
  • Take a closer look at how individual programs do on our research-based standards.
  • Learn about the state of the field on important aspects of teacher training such as reading instruction and classroom management.

National Findings

Teacher Prep Review: A Review of the Nation's Teacher Preparation Programs (2013)

Important "take-aways"

  • In countries where students outperform the U.S., teacher prep schools recruit candidates from the top third of the college-going population. The Review found only one in four U.S. programs restricts admissions to even the top half of the college-going population.

  • A large majority of programs (71 percent) are not providing elementary teacher candidates with practical, research-based training in reading instruction methods that could reduce the current rate of reading failure (30 percent) to less than 10 percent of the student population.

  • In mathematics training of elementary teacher candidates, few programs emulate the practices of higher performing nations such as Singapore or South Korea. Only 19 percent of programs demonstrate similar expectations of their teachers.

  • Almost all programs (93 percent) fail to ensure a high quality student teaching experience, where candidates are assigned only to highly skilled teachers and must receive frequent concrete feedback.

  • Only 23 percent of rated programs are doing enough to provide teacher candidates with concrete classroom management strategies to improve classroom behavior problems.

  • Only 11 percent of elementary programs and 47 percent of secondary programs are providing adequate content preparation for teachers in the subjects they will teach.

National Elementary Teacher Prep Rating Distribution

National Secondary Teacher Prep Rating Distribution