The Teacher Prep Review Honor Roll

Among the 1,200 programs in the Review to which we are able to assign ratings, we find 105 stand-outs that earn three or more stars. These programs generally combine an eye for the talent teachers need, strong content knowledge preparation, and well-structured opportunities to practice the craft of teaching.

These are the programs that aspiring teachers should apply to and that districts should recruit from. These are also the programs that the field of teacher education can learn from.

Dean's List

These four programs, all secondary, are strong across the board:

Institutions Housing Multiple Strong Programs

Almost all institutions approved to prepare teachers house multiple programs, such as an undergraduate elementary program, a graduate elementary program and so forth. We are able to evaluate multiple programs at most institutions. Only thirteen institutions have multiple highly rated programs, suggesting a strong institutional commitment to teacher training. CUNY - Hunter College is the only institution that has three highly rated programs.

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Honor Roll

These 107 programs make the Honor Roll by earning 3 or more stars

* Program guide: ug = undergraduate; g = graduate program; el = elementary; sec = secondary; sped = special education

** Added December 2013