DeKalb County School System, Georgia

National enrollment rank: 29

Labor context

  • Collective bargaining is explicitly illegal. Teachers may join professional association.
  • Teachers do not collectively bargain with DeKalb County School System.
  • 6,593 teachers

Student demographics

  • 98,064 students
  • 70% free/reduced lunch

School district enrollment and demographic data is from the 2010-2011 school year and was provided by the National Center for Education Statistics.

Fast facts

Days in student school year: 180
Teacher work days: 9
Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) from prior year: 2.5%
Starting salary: $41,262
Maximum salary (salary, degree, years of experience): $83,361; PhD; 29
Student achievement data required for evaluation: yes
Layoff criteria:
Evaluations per year:
Tenured once a year
Non-tenured once a year
Sick and personal days per year: 12.5 (12.5 sick; 3 personal taken from sick leave)
Years to tenure:

District Details

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