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TQB Monthly | APRIL

Check out our monthly Teacher Quality Bulletin for announcements, views, research, highlighted resources and a cartoon! In this month's edition, we discuss why FERPA developments are cause for concern, cover new research on teacher instruction time, twins and teacher prep mathematics textbooks and much more.

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  • LAST UPDATED: 04/22/2015

    In the news: an early childhood teacher prep is suspended,  Los Angeles teachers union and school district have reached a tentative agreement, NY State Department of Education released an analysis of the unequal distribution of effective teachers, and more!

  • LAST UPDATED: 04/14/2015

    The latest contract and policy changes from the districts in our Teacher Contract Database. In this edition, we cover recent contract changes in San Francisco, Albuquerque, Brevard County (FL), Elgin U-46 (IL) and Tulsa.

  • LAST UPDATED: 04/02/2015

    In this month's Teacher Trendline, we take a look at what districts include in teacher evaluations and how often teachers are evaluated.