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Through our teacher preparation studies, our district policy work, and our state policy work, NCTQ has developed expertise and relationships with experts across many areas of education policy. We work hard to stay informed on the latest news, best practices and research, and seek to share our findings and insights beyond our reports and databases. Check out our newsletter and other publications for bite-sized education policy lessons.


Check out our monthly Teacher Quality Bulletin for announcements, views, research, highlighted resources and a cartoon! This issue features research on teacher prep programs and attrition, the lack of replication in education research, pathways into teaching and the ongoing debate over the use of value-added models.

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  • LAST UPDATED: 12/18/2014

    This week in the news: articles on NCTQ's State Teacher Policy Yearbook, Teach For America's recruitment challenges, the Missouri Supreme Court declining to accept NCTQ's case on acquiring course syllabi from the University of Missouri, and more.

  • LAST UPDATED: 12/19/2014

    The latest contract and policy changes from the districts in our Teacher Contract Database. In this edition, we cover recent contract changes in Sacramento, CA, Baltimore County, MD, Billings, MT and Laramie, WY.

  • LAST UPDATED: 12/17/2014

    In 2014, Teacher Trendline covered everything from teacher salaries to leave policies and in this December's edition, we highlight some of the most popular Teacher Trendlines from the past year.